Latest Model Pets with Santos Román Pet Photography Studio

If you are ever in Barcelona with your dog, consider adding this stop to your itinerary – the famous pet photo studio of Santos Román.

Well, if you are an passion dog mom like us, you are very likely to humanize your puppy like us (ie. you think that your dog’s behavior is based on human emotions. Guilty!)

It’s this fascinating, I swear, you are secretly a human pet character who is so brilliantly captured by Santos.

But his Talent does not end there. Santos brings the adorable and original personalities of the pets – and their often human facial expressions – to life in a brilliant and highly professional studio environment.

The Final Result? A stunning visual portrait celebrating your pet as the Star he is.

And take it from us…as we are not only the editors of Dog Mama here at Pretty Fluffy, we are also animal photographers! So if we come across the awesome work Of another pet photographer, we just have to share it.

We sat down with Santos to discuss how his unique style of pet photography was born from a career in commercial photography and his great love for animals.

What inspired you to become a wildlife photographer?

From an early age, I was passionate about photography. I just started taking pictures of everything that was in front of the camera!

After, I studied photography and cinema at a school in Barcelona and I continued to practice and learn new photographic techniques.

I then worked as a photo assistant in an advertising studio in Barcelona for several years, until the day I discovered the wonderful work of the British photographer Tim Flach, known for his very conceptual images Of animals.

From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to be a wildlife photographer. In this way, I have united my two passions in life; animals and photography.

“Your pets should look like the best role models that you are.”

How has your advertising experience influenced your pet photography style?

After working in advertising studios for many years, I had a revolutionary idea: to be one of the first Studios specialized in pet photography in Spain. Thus, from 2008, I devoted myself exclusively to wildlife photography for residential and commercial clients.

I was very influenced by advertising photography, because I liked the appearance of sharp and very aesthetic images. I quickly discovered that my style would give my clients the incredible opportunity to see their dog or cat as the star of an advertising campaign.

After all, your pets should look like the best models they are!

You have visited many exhibitions, what do you like most about them?

What I like about the exhibitions I have visited in Spain and New York is to share my work with people and see their reactions in person. Photo exhibitions are a great opportunity to meet other animal lovers in person and connect with each other.

It seems that everything is moving on social networks these days, but it is very important for me to continue doing things face to face in the real world. Especially since my work has such a personal component.

What is your secret trick for getting a cat or dog to look at the camera?

I have several tricks, but there is one that never fails (or almost never fails)… Eat, eat and eat even more!

I have also developed a number of sounds that, when used at the right time, attract your attention.

However, you cannot overuse this trick because you will quickly get used to the sounds. Pets are so smart, so you have to stay one step ahead!

Do you have an unforgettable story from a photo shoot?

An emotional session that I remember is when a client came with her puppy in her arms. He was very sick and, unfortunately, they had to let him fall asleep the next day. He was very weak, but they still wanted at least one photo so that they could remember him forever.

That day, we took beautiful photos of him. When the owner took the photos with him, there were moments of happiness and tears. It was really very emotional.

What is your number one tip for taking better photos of your pet?

Most people take pictures of their dogs and cats with their phones, which is a good Option for taking those impromptu and memorable photos.

So, my first tip is, although it seems a little obvious, to clean your phone’s camera before taking the photos! This way your photos will be much sharper.

Another tip to make your pet stand out is to use a plain background. If the background is light, there are not so many elements in the photo that distract from what is really important-your pet!