Know About the Dog Scratch Boards for Nails

Let’s get straight to the point: investing in a scratching board for your dog is worth it, because it promotes nail care, protects your home from destructive scratches, provides mental stimulation, improves body fitness, strengthens the bond between you and your dog and is aimed at dogs with body limitations.

Regular use of a scratching board can help to file your dog’s nails naturally. In this article, we will take a look at the best dog scratch boards for nails in 2023 thanks to our detailed 40-point inspection. So, if this is the product you were looking for, you have landed on the right page.

The best dog scratch boards for nails revealed

1. SEEPEARL dog scratching cushion for nails

  • Designed with durable material
  • Protects your furniture and carpets
  • Promotes nail health
  • Versatile design with multiple scratch surfaces

The dog scratch pad for nails is a unique and innovative product designed to make nail care easier and less stressful for pet owners and their beloved puppies. The scratch board is made from high-quality natural bamboo, with three layers of Zhuzi panels treated with environmentally friendly paint for maximum durability.

This product offers an easy-to-use alternative to traditional nail clippers and sanders that allow pet owners to train their dogs to use the scratching board. The product comes with an instruction manual, two pieces of sandpaper and six non-slip rubber bases so that you can easily adjust the board to an angle suitable for your dog. In addition, its fun design will make you and your puppy happy!

2. ASEWOTO dog scratching cushion for nails

  • Fun to learn how to scratch nails
  • Adjustable and convenient design
  • Safe to use for all dogs
  • The sandpaper can be replaced without problems

The Asefotos dog scratching pad is an ideal solution for dog owners looking for a gentle and stress-free alternative to nail trimming. This scratching pad offers an easy and happy way to trim your pet’s nails, because you can teach your dog to scratch his paws on the pillow by playing a game. This is not only a pleasant experience for your pet, but it also works effectively. After about ten scratches, your pet’s nails will be well filed.

The convenience and adjustment of this product make it a first choice for dog owners. It has four different adjustable angles (0°, 30°, 35° and 45°), so it can easily accommodate all types of dogs, even those weighing up to 90 pounds. The design of the scratch board consists of three layers for long-term coating and is made of high-quality natural bamboo and protective varnish. This guarantees the durability and safety of the product, as well as its waterproof and oxidation-resistant properties.

3. SPAKITCHCE dog nail scratch board

  • Helps animals to adapt quickly and easily to nail trimming
  • Can be used for large or small dogs
  • Reduces Stress and anxiety for pets during nail Trimming
  • Provides an incentive to motivate your pet

The SPAKITCHCE dog nail scratch board is a great solution for pet owners looking for an alternative to nail clippers and dog sanders. With its stress-free nail care method, this product is perfectly designed for dogs with stress problems when they cut their nails in the traditional way. This innovative product allows pet owners to avoid panic or fear of their furry friends during nail care.

The scratch board is 13.78 inches long and 9.84 inches wide with a drawer depth of 1.18 inches to place the treats at the bottom. It has a unique sandpaper surface that offers an effective and natural way to file and trim your puppy’s nails over time. The package also comes with a set of pre-cut replacement sandpaper, allowing pet owners long-term use without repurchasing accessories.

4. FL Falatier dog scratch board for large dogs

  • Comes with a ton of refills on the sandpaper sheets
  • Can be mounted on the wall or left on the floor
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Turns the picture into a game for dogs

The FL Falatier dog scratching board for large dogs features a wall-mounted design that allows dogs to file their nails without fear or fuss. The board is also equipped with a double-sided sandpaper of 80 grit on one side and 100 grit on the other, which makes it usable for all breeds of dogs (small, medium and large).

This board also has a very large size of 17″ x 10″ which offers more surface area for easier and faster maintenance. It is made of natural bamboo wood and treated with environmentally friendly paint, which makes it waterproof, resistant to disfigure and oxidation. In addition, it comes with two interchangeable sandpapers made with a strong self-adhesive PET backing that is not easy to tear and leaves no residue.

A beautician treats Sibu Inu dogs nails with a nail file

5. Homerays bamboo dog scratching pad for nails

  • Solid and attractive design
  • Well packaged
  • The dog scratching environment offers a fun and stress-free experience
  • Comes with hand rest tools

The Homerays bamboo dog scratch mat offers pet owners a safe and stress-free grooming experience with their furry friends. This product comes in the form of a gift box with a notepad and three nail files, which makes it the perfect alternative to traditional nail sanders.

The notepad is made of 100% pure natural bamboo, so it is durable, healthy and environmentally friendly. The bottom edge is beveled so that it can be placed at any angle and the non-slip bar ensures stability. This makes the Pad suitable for a variety of scenarios and allows for easy storage and portability.