Check out The New Rain Gear for Dog Walks

Keep yourself and your puppy dry this spring.

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Many of us are running more than usual this month! This is a great way to interrupt the day and get out safely. Obviously, always keep your distance from others and consider wearing a mask.

Quarantine-related measures aside, walking during these April showers can be peaceful and relaxing, as long as you and your puppy have the right equipment to stay warm and dry! Remember: there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment.

I was looking for the best rainwear for dog walks and I wanted to share some finds and recommendations for you and your puppy. (By the way, if you like a reactive dog like Cooper, you know that April showers make for top-notch hiking weather!)

Rain boots for you

Hunter boots, also known as “wellies”, are the standard for keeping feet dry. You can get almost any color/size combination and they are so easy to clean. They are expensive, depending on the color and finish you choose, but last forever.

If you are looking for something more affordable or something cuter, take a look at these Dalmatian print boots. So cute!! However, based on the reviews, these probably won’t last more than a season, so investing in the Hunter boots might be worth it.

Rain boots for your dog

Depending on where you live, it can still be very cold in April. Here in Indiana, we went from a little snow at over 80 degrees to a big hailstorm at sunny but 30 degrees. The boots will keep your puppy’s feet warm and dry if necessary, or if you don’t want to clean muddy paws every time you come in. I recommend Ruffwear or Kurgo. A warning: if you choose Ruffwear, make sure to select 4 boots from the drop-down list! I don’t know why they do this, but the product list has a set of 2 by default. a little difficult if you are not careful.

Hat for you

Maybe it’s a personal preference, but I don’t use an umbrella when I’m walking with Cooper in the rain. I need both hands free to balance the leash, the pickup bags (these) and my box of cheese to squeeze. If your dog doesn’t react like Cooper, an umbrella might work for you. My favorite piece, however, is a regular old baseball cap. There are tons of adorable rain hats (like this one), but if it’s windy, I don’t want to worry about my hat flying off. Is it just me?

Raincoats for her

I bought a neon yellow raincoat at a running event a few years ago because I wanted something that would guarantee that we would be seen in the fog, rain, early morning, etc. I chose neon for safety reasons, and I highly recommend that you do it too, or something reflective. Ideally, a mixture of both. I can’t find my exact one, but it’s similar. (Independent confession: my first thought when clicking on this list was: “huh. This model certainly has a lot of facial tattoos… “)

Raincoats for your dog

As in the point above, I highly recommend finding a coat for your dog that has reflective piping or inserts. These elements on a coat can help you to be seen in bad conditions, which makes you and your dog safer. Cooper inherited a red Ruffwear jacket from Emmett, so she’s over 10 years old at this point. A good investment, I would say! They don’t exactly do that style anymore, but that’s basically it. Kurgo also makes a similar and affordable version. Whatever you buy, just make sure it’s machine washed and dry!